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It is natural, even expected, to go through some discomfort when your braces are initially put on your teeth. The week after you get your braces will be when the discomfort is at it’s worst.

It may also be difficult to chew comfortably after that preliminary period of pain and discomfort. A dull ache may continue for a few hours after you finish chewing your food. During this period, you might want to think about sticking with soft foods.

Every few months, your orthodontist will have to adjust your braces to make sure that your teeth are being precisely guided to the correct position. After going to these appointments you might also have some discomfort for a few days.

If you have bleeding or unbearable pain in your mouth and you think it’s being caused by your braces, you need to see your orthodontist right away. If you are going through the usual pain, here are some tips to deal with it.

Don’t Pick at Your Braces

You might be tempted to try to make the position of the bracket or wires more comfortable by adjusting your braces. This can, however, cause your mouth to become injured. You may also wind up needing to wear your braces for a longer period and having to go back to the orthodontist.

Avoid Moving Your Lips Excessively

You might be tempted to move your lips around a lot when you get braces especially at first. However, added discomfort and irritation can result from moving your lips against the rough surface of the braces.

Use Dental Wax

The dental wax that your orthodontist provides can be used as a barrier between your sensitive parts of your mouth and your braces. For instance, you can place the wax on the brackets and wires to avoid having your lips rubbed until they’re raw. A sufficient amount of wax can also be placed directly on the inside of your lips until they get used to the braces.

Pain Medication Can be Helpful

Over-the-counter pain relievers should be enough to help with any dull soreness you might be experiencing. If the medication is meant for a child, be sure that the dosage you give is correct for the size and age of the child.

Be Mindful of How You Sleep

While you have your braces, try not to lay on your face. This will cause your lips to press into your braces, which will result in both sore lips and teeth. Sleep in positions that avoid putting pressure on your face, like on your back or side.

Contact your orthodontist if you are experiencing a problems with your braces that you can’t deal with. Some discomfort is inevitable, but there are ways you can become more comfortable while correcting your dental challenges.

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