Woman with braces holding her swollen gums.

Some amount of swelling in your gums is typical when you have braced. There is a continuous tension being put on your teeth by your braces in order to make them move and this can be the cause. However, if you are experiencing continuous swelling and bleeding, there might be other factors adding to the condition.

Constantly swollen gums, while their not an emergency, do suggest that you probably need to get professional dental care because something is wrong. What could be causing your swollen gums other than your braces is something you should take a few moments to understand.

Pulp Infection

Swelling of your gums can be a sign of a decay deep inside your tooth that has spread to your gums through the root of your tooth. This decay can spread into the soft central tissue and can lead to what’s known as a pulp infection. Once this happens, a root canal might be required to fix the tooth. In certain cases, it could be required to pull the infected tooth. Before your minor cavities or infections develops into a more significant problem, an appointment with your dentist will be able to recognize and deal with them and hopefully avoid any possibility of a pulp infection from occurring.


Gingivitis is a disorder that is caused by inadequate oral hygiene. As a forerunner to periodontal disease, gingivitis produces redness, bleeding, or swelling of the gums, specifically when you brush or floss your teeth. Now that you are wearing braces you might be having an even more difficult time with inflammation which is caused by your gums trying to fight the bacteria present in plaque. To fight gingivitis, take additional time to make certain that you brush and floss properly. While you floss with braces, you may need to utilize a floss threader. It is also vital that you make regular visits to the dentist so that you can receive the professional tooth cleanings you require.

Gum Infection

Gum infections can happen if a foreign object or bacteria becomes lodged in your gum line. Even something like a little piece of popcorn can cause this severe issue. Underneath your gums, an abscess of pus will form. Proper management of such an infection typically means draining and a course of antibiotics. The exact reason for the abscess will identify if you should get additional treatment. For example, an abscess caused by infected pulp tissue in a tooth might call for a root canal.

Additional Causes

Here are some less frequent causes for swollen gums:

  • Side effects of particular medications
  • The health of your gums can be affected by other severe health concerns like diabetes
  • You can occasionally be sensitive to new oral care products
  • Deficiencies of vitamin C and other nutrients

Speak with us immediately, whether you have Invisalign or traditional braces, if you have swelling of the gums. The sooner you know what is causing the issue, the less chance it has for escalating into a significant problem.

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