Patient Rewards

Our Patients Get Entered into Drawings For Fun Prizes Based on Many Different Things

  • Cooperation with Orthodontic Care, such as keeping teeth and braces clean, intact, making and keeping appointments
  • Community Service
  • Good Grades in School
  • Sending us postcards from your vacations
  • Getting regular cleanings and good check-ups with your dentist

How to Earn Tickets at Your Appointment:

  1. Excellent Brushing
  2. No broken/lost appliances and if applicable good cooperation with elastic wear or  good cooperation with removable appliances.
  3. Arriving on time

*If you have to come in for a repair appointment you forfeit your no “NO BROKEN APPLIANCES” at your next visit.

*If you fail to come to your appointment without notifying us, you forfeit “ARRIVING ON-TIME” at your next visit.

*Gum chewing forfeits ALL tickets the day of your appointment!

*Patients who are being observed (no appliances) are not eligible for tickets, unless they qualify for bonus tickets and/or donate during one of our drives.


No Ticket = 0 or 1 out of 3
Blue Ticket= 2 out of 3
Green Ticket= 3 out of 3

Bonus Tickets


  • 1 ticket for every A (or equivalent) on your quarterly report, if not straight A’s
  • 1 ticket for sending our office a post-card from your vacation


  • 5 tickets for straight A’s on your quarterly report card
  • 5 for a no cavities and good brushing report from your dentist (Must bring a note from your dentist confirming no cavities)
  • 1 for every hour of community service since your last appointment
  • 2 tickets if you inform us if you are in the local or school news, so we can post it on our Facebook page and/or website
  • 3 for liking us on FACEBOOKand writing on our wall
  • 1 ticket for participating in our Facebook games and contests– see Facebook Page for details



Monthly Drawings for a pair of movie tickets (both blue and green tickets can win)

Quarterly Drawings for a $50 gift certificate to the store of your choice (only green tickets can win)

Annual Drawing (Jan 1st) for your choice of one of the following (only green tickets can win).

  • iPad mini 2
  • iPod touch 64GB
  • Xbox One S
  • Beats Solo3 Wireless
  • Beats Pill+
  • Playstation4 500GB Console
  • Canon Black PowerShot SX530 HS Digital Camera with 16 Megapixel and 50x Optical Zoom

**This list changes each year to more current items — keep visiting for the latest prizes**

Marble Hill Orthodontics reserves the right to make changes to the contest and its rules at any time. There are a few appointments that do not qualify for any tickets, we will inform you of these appointments at those visits. Any patient related to Marble Hill Orthodontics staff or any other referring dental practice staff are not eligible for this and/or any other contest hosted by Marble Hill Orthodontics. 

Bet we can make you smile!