Treatment Types

Orthodontics For All Needs 

Initial Complimentary Consultation 

Panoramic & Ceph X-Ray  

Facial & Inta-oral Photos 


Detailed Treatment Plan 

Cost Breakdown 

Pediatric Orthodontics: Early Interceptive Treatment

Phase I Orthodontics:


2X4 Brackets 

Face Masks 

Hawley Retainers 

Teen Orthodontics 

Fixed Metal Brackets 

Fixed Ceramic (Clear) Brackets 

Invisalign Teen 

Essix Retainers (Clear Retainers) 

Hawley Retainers 

Adult Orthodontics 

Invisalign / Clear Aligners Treatment

Upper Invisalign with Lower Metal Brackets 

Fixed Ceramic (Clear) Brackets with Lower Metal Brackets

Fixed Metal Brackets 

Essix Retainers 

Hawley Retainers